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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Is Granite Going Out Of Style?

Given the fact that trends, by definition, come and go, it only makes sense that granite will eventually lose its place as the must-have countertop material. And while granite countertops remain one of the most popular design features, some interior designers suggest we've reached the end of the granite countertop trend.

As far as countertops are concerned, granite is a material that wasn't widely used until the late 80s. However, it wasn't until the late 90s and early 2000s that it became the material of choice that it is today. With its near ubiquitous presence in kitchens across the country, granite is still one of the most popular countertop options you can choose; it's just not as in-demand as it once was.

There's lots to love about granite. It's durable, looks good, and is becoming more affordable. That being said, granite appears to have become a victim of its own popularity. Homeowners are individuals, and individuals like their homes to be a reflection of their personalities. For many, granite is just too mainstream. But there's another reason fewer homeowners are choosing it: in recent kitchen designs the countertop is less and less of a focal point and granite is almost impossible not to notice.  As we like to say, there can only be one star of the show, and in a kitchen it is usually the granite.  But if you are considering an elaborate custom backsplash design and a large island that looks like an ornate piece of furniture, a granite with a lot of movement may not be your best design choice.

There are lots of different options other than granite, the most popular choices being quartz, marble, even wood and concrete.  Today's kitchen styles are becoming more understated and neutral. Clean simple lines are the new buzzwords.  You'll find that homeowners are choosing countertops that seamlessly blend into the rest of the kitchen, rather than stand out.  A subtle quartz countertop harmonizes instead of competes with your apron- front farmhouse sink, untraditional light fixtures like chandeliers and pendants, and the new cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.
If you're getting ready to remodel your kitchen you've likely given a lot of thought to what kind of countertops to go with. The fundamental question to ask yourself is who are you remodeling for? If you're remodeling for yourself and not planning on moving anytime soon, choose the materials that you like most. If that means granite, go with granite. However, if you're remodeling with an eye towards selling soon, we advise going with a more neutral option. You'll get the classy, upscale look you're going for, but not at the risk of alienating potential buyers who don't care for granite.

Did You Know
Enhance Floors & More will be moving soon?  We are thrilled to announce that we have signed the lease and that construction and build-out has begun on our new Design Center.  We hope to move into our location in East Cobb in late September.   We will be increasing the size of our showroom by over 2000 square feet and will be bringing in exciting new product lines including HGTV Home, Masland Carpets, and Hunter Douglas Window Fashions.  Look for us in the Restaurant Depot Shopping Center on Roswell Road adjacent to the 120 Loop in Marietta.

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Renovating Before The Holidays

Now that summer is coming to an end (school starts Monday in Cobb and Cherokee!), it is the prime time to start seriously thinking about those indoor renovations you have been wanting to tackle.  If you are playing host for the holidays, now is the time to get started in order to have everything done and perfect in time for the holiday season.

Upgrade Your Kitchen
Does your kitchen always seem cramped with people over for holiday get-togethers?  However you celebrate, the kitchen seems to always be at the heart of the season.  Maybe it's time to consider a mini or major makeover.  Start by assessing the things you would like changed.  Perhaps the addition of an island, new countertops, flooring and backsplash is all you need, or maybe some major construction will be involved.  Either way, you want your kitchen to be fully functional come holiday cooking time!

Finish the Basement
If you have been going back and forth about converting your basement into an extra living space, now is a good time to jump into that project.  You will be glad you tackled it.  Not only does it instantly expand your home's square footage, it can also act as a nice alternative to just a guest bedroom for relatives or friends staying overnight.  You can also turn part of it into a playroom for the younger guests to have a place of their own.  Set a budget and keep things simple.  For flooring, consider luxury vinyl or tile in your basement as these products are not as sensitive to higher moisture levels, and carpet for warmth and insulation.

Remodel the Guest Bedroom and Bathroom
A little remodeling can do wonders towards making your guests feel at home.  A new bathroom vanity and frameless glass shower enclosure are quick and easy upgrades.  A new glass shower door adds instant value to your home, and offers a sleek look that will make the bathroom appear larger.  Strip that dated old wallpaper and paint the walls.  You may also consider updating the bathroom floors and walls with new tile.  In the guest bedroom, is it time for a new mattress?  Do you need new window treatments?  Assess the carpet in your bedrooms.  We tend to update the rooms of our home that our guests see:  the family room, kitchen, and powder room, and ignore our bedrooms for years. 

Enhance Floors & More can help you get your home ready for the holidays.  Come by today and meet with a Design Consultant to begin the process.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Many of our readers live in traditional homes, and you can never go wrong with a traditional decorating style.  Traditional décor is always "in," and it creates a comfortable, cozy feel to a room.  However, traditional styles can sometimes be a little bland and boring.  Here are some tips to add a little bit of pop to your traditional spaces.

If you're tired of your living room, check to see if you have traditional furniture on a traditional rug with matched side tables and lamps. That might be your problem. This look often lacks tension, which creates strong design that rarely gets tiring.  If you absolutely love your furniture with its original upholstery, try a modern rug to give your room hip appeal. A sisal or sea grass (real or faux) is a great go-to, but if you don't prefer natural fibers, you might like a bold, graphic rug like stripes or an animal print.

Along the same lines, re-evaluating your upholstery is another good option.  The key to taking a traditional piece from tired to stylish is the tension between the furniture style and the textile you select. Patterns like tight checks, herringbone or houndstooth can update traditional furniture just right.  With the updated upholstery, changing something as simple as lamp shades can have a big impact.  Look for simple, classic drum or box shapes and skip the pleats, scallops and odd shapes. Those styles tend to look dated. Pick a simple shade that is proportional to the base and that echoes the base's shape. Black shades make almost any lamp instantly stylish.

Breaking up a set is a refreshing effect.  A matching set of a table and chairs was suited to the more formal lifestyles of days gone by. To relax your room, it may be time to break up the set. If you're happy with your table, then change the chairs to enliven the look.  There are so many ways you can play with this. Add new his-and-her chairs at either end, for instance, or upholster the two chairs at either end in a different fabric.

Historically, textile manufacturing and fiber dyeing processes weren't able to produce fabrics and patterns in hues as vibrant and saturated as the ones we see today. Using black adds a level of contrast that wasn't achievable years ago and makes a room look more current.  You don't need a lot to anchor a room with black. Black lamp shades, upholstery, throw pillows, picture frames - any of these can add an edge of graphic appeal that will update the look.

Adding a high contrast graphic pattern is another use of the advances in textile production that wasn't available years ago.  Today's mills and print processes are capable of producing high-contrast patterns in saturated colors. Traditional furniture paired with traditional textiles and wall colors can be so muted. Adding a graphic element instantly delivers a wake-up call to a tired room.

Last but not least, don't be afraid to embrace the abstract.  Throw in some contemporary art, a clear coffee table or a bold, modern rug into the mix.  If there is one outstanding characteristic of a tired traditional room, it is too much formality. So loosen up and have some fun!

Inspired?  Need a new rug or two but having a hard time finding one that work?  Here are a few tips if you are shopping for a rug.

Modern rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and are suitable for every area of the house, including hallways and staircases. When introduced into a traditional or rustic setting, they can add vibrancy, a touch of the unexpected and a striking counterpoint.  Keep in mind when pairing a modern rug with a more traditional setting:

~~~Go overscale. An overscale floral rug pattern in bright colors provides a pop of bold contrast in an otherwise all-neutral room. Don't be afraid to use large-scale patterns in a small space - they can bring it to life, especially when there aren't many furnishings.

~~~Repeat a pattern or color.  Using a simple geometric pattern on a rug that ties into another pattern, say, a light fixture of a modern style, can add a great visual to a traditional space.  Subtlety is key here; maybe you have a particular pattern in the wall decorations or windows.  The subtle visual of 

matching patterns will create appeal without taking away from the modern style.  You can do the same with colors.  Even though the rug will not match the style of the room, matching the colors with the furnishings or decorations can tie everything together and create a cohesive feel.

~~~Don't be afraid to add color, pattern, and energy.  Modern rugs add a refreshing edge to traditional style spaces, and are a good way to spice up a plain room.  Keeping with the same color palette will allow you to be as bold as you want without distracting the eye.

Need More Design Help?

Then simply schedule an in-home design consultation with us.  An experienced Enhance Floors & More design consultant will come to your home and help you put your new look together.  Prices start at $99 for this helpful service.  And remember, consultations in our showroom are always free.  Just bring in your fabric and paint swatches, kitchen drawer (if you are redecorating your kitchen), take some pictures of the room(s), and spend time with a showroom design consultant for complimentary decorating assistance.

Scared of a White Kitchen?

 Year after year white is one of the most popular kitchen colors.  Pinterest and Houzz are filled with pictures of beautiful white kitchens.  But if you are like many of us, your first thought is "How pretty" and then "How will I keep my white kitchen white?" or "I love the clean, white look but don't want it to look dirty all the time."  Is it possible to have a clean white kitchen?

The truth is, it IS possible to have your all-white dream kitchen, and you don't have to be a compulsive cleaner to get it.  You just have to be a little diligent is all.  The perfect white kitchen is one that looks like no one ever cooks there. And that is, of course, the very best way to keep that white kitchen sparkling. If, however, you insist on actually using your kitchen, you are likely to encounter yellowing cabinets, accumulations of grease, and stained and marred sinks and countertops. What fun.

Before we can tackle the problem, let's look at why cabinets start to yellow.  The first culprit is exposure to direct sunlight, which tends to jaundice or fade painted wood (and laminated surfaces). You should consider draperies, blinds or window film to shield your cabinets from direct sunlight.  The second culprit is actuallyusing your cooktop. As soon as you start cooking, those mouthwatering aromas rise into the air in the form of microscopic food or grease particles, and since they have to land somewhere, why not on your white cabinets? The result? Cabinets that turn yellow.

To prevent this, you can't let grease accumulate on your cabinets. As soon as you begin boiling, broiling or deep-frying, turn on the exhaust fan or range hood to filter out at least some of those minuscule bits before they reach the surrounding surfaces.  To keep cabinets looking their best and sparkling white, give them a monthly "bath" with a solution of warm water and a grease-busting dish soap.

Then there is the inevitable muck and grime that accumulate from oil and grease splatters, and food and beverage spills.  You should not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on painted cabinets, as they can scratch or dull the finish.  A soft 
cotton cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient.  The most important thing to remember is  to not let those stains linger.  Prolonged exposure to spills can cause permanent damage and discoloration to your cabinets' finish.
White sinks in many homes take approximately five minutes to look yucky. You can brighten them and remove stains with common household bleach. Experts suggest laying paper towels flat across the bottom of the sink and wetting them with bleach. This prevents the bleach from running straight down the drain. Leave the paper towels in place for half an hour to allow the bleach to do its job, then remove them and rinse the sink thoroughly with warm water.  
White tiles with white or a light grout can be tricky.  The whiter and cleaner your white tile looks, the dirtier your grout will look.  Keeping the grout clean is an important part of keeping your white kitchen looking its best.  The best option is to have the grout sealed (or to have chosen a stain resistant grout like Fusion), and keep it clean with a cleaner specifically made for tile and grout.  Use a toothbrush or scouring pad to really get the grout clean.  Do not use harsh cleaners such as bleach that will erode your grout over time.

Stains show up easily on white marble or granite counters. Prevention is the best cure, so blot spills immediately, before they penetrate or dry on the surface. If that is not convenient, you can make stains disappear with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a few scant drops of ammonia added. Natural stone will etch when cleaned with acids or abrasives, but the naturally occurring chemicals in peroxide and ammonia will safely remove even tough stains. Stone sealers should be applied as soon as you notice water no longer stands (beads up) on the surface.  (You can purchase sealer at our showroom.)
In the grand scheme of things, just remember:  Any kitchen will be a cleaning nightmare, dark or light.  So prepare to roll up your sleeves and pick the kitchen you've always dreamed of!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Which Metal Is Your Favorite?

Metal finishes are important design considerations in your home.  Look around:  metal is used in faucets, lighting, accessories, furniture, staircase balusters, appliances, sinks, and shower heads; there is probably something metal in every room of your home!   Brass, copper, chrome, nickel, gold-plated, oil-rubbed metals, wrought iron, matte or shiny finish, a smooth satin sheen or  texture----these are among your choices, available in all price ranges.  It is also important to blend your finishes with the rest of the elements in the room.  You can mix finishes within a room but be careful doing this.  Make sure the overall design flows and is harmonious.    Choose an oil-rubbed finish if your home is more of the rustic style.  If you are more into the sleek, modern look, go with chrome.  Your choices include:

Chrome is a very popular choice for hardware finish.  It offers a sleek, clean look with a lot of shine.  When it comes to shine, no other finish can offer the brilliance that chrome does.  Chrome's versatility is what makes it one of the most popular finishes.  It looks good with most styles and it is easy to clean and maintain.  Chrome is also inexpensive and very easy to find.  On the downside, chrome shows water spots and finger prints because of its high shine. 

Polished brass is a long-time favorite.  A polished brass faucet can give a bathroom or kitchen a vintage look.  Brass is coming back into style and looks great in modern, traditional and eclectic settings.  Some of the advantages of brass are it is a very durable finish, it's easy to clean and easy to find.  One disadvantage is that it is more expensive than chrome or brushed nickel.

A nice twist on polished brass, the brushed-gold look has a lot of class. It's bold without being too showy. Don't be surprised if you see a lot more of this color in the future.  Satin brass is very durable and offers a nice accent color without the polished look.  It is also a matte finish, so it doesn't show finger prints or water spots easily.  On the disadvantages side, it is expensive and hard to find.  It could also be difficult to match other accessories to satin brass.  Satin brass looks best in modern and contemporary styles.

A great aesthetic alternative to standard chrome and brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze gives the room a more traditional look and feel.
Working on a budget? if you don't want to purchase all the matching accessories and you have other brass items in your bathroom, such as an old light switch plate or cabinet knobs, you can always use a brass darkening solution to make all the hardware match.  It can be more expensive than other finishes, but it is very durable and won't show fingerprints or water marks.  Oil rubbed bronze works best in a Tuscan or traditional setting.
Copper is unmistakable and bold. It gives the room a rich feeling, especially when mixed with a subtler material, such as marble on a countertop.  Copper has natural antibacterial properties. It's fairly easy to find and also has the ability to "heal" itself. Over a short period of time, a scratch in copper will become darker and eventually blend with the patina.  A shiny copper finish might require a little more maintenance than brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and chrome, but if you let it age naturally, copper will develop a beautiful patina. It's harder to match accessories and other fixtures to copper, and it's not as durable as other finishes.  It works best in farmhouse and Tuscan styles.

Satin bronze has a nice, smooth finish that's in between copper and oil-rubbed bronze. Having a subtler color gives this finish more flexibility for different room styles and settings.  Durable and easy to clean and maintain, this is a great alternative to copper and a lighter option than oil-rubbed bronze. Water spots and fingerprints won't show.  On the down side, it can be hard to find and hard to match other fixtures to it.  Satin bronze looks best in traditional as well as eclectic styles.

If you like a smooth, shiny finish but are tired of chrome, try polished nickel. It's darker than chrome, and with different levels of lighting, it can appear to change in color.  Some advantages are it is a durable, easy to clean finish and a great alternative to brushed nickel.  It is harder to find and more expensive than chrome, but like chrome, it works well in pretty much any style.

The soft metallic look of brushed nickel has stood the test of time.  This is one of the most durable finishes; it has a tendency to keep its finish longer than oil-rubbed bronze and chrome. It doesn't show wear, fingerprints or water spots. It's easy to clean, easy to find and easy to match with accessories and other fixtures. It's relatively inexpensive. Brushed nickel tends to be pricier than chrome but does not cost as much as oil-rubbed bronze.  One of the only disadvantages is that it does not coordinate well with stainless steel due to the sheen differences.  Brushed nickel will work with almost any style.

Black faucets are becoming increasingly more popular in bathrooms and kitchens, because of their ability to match other items, such as cabinets, vanities and accent pieces. If you want to make a classy statement matte black may be the perfect finish for you.  It is easy to clean and does not show dirt, fingerprints or water spots. It can be hard to find and is expensive compared with more popular finishes, such as chrome and brushed nickel.  Matte black tends to work with eclectic styles.
Looking for a clean, brilliant finish? Go with a white as a contrasting statement piece or something that blends beautifully in an all-white kitchen or bathroom. The white finish comes from durable plastic or porcelain.  It is easy to clean and does not show water spots or fingerprints.  Porcelain fixtures are more fragile than metal, which makes them more prone to chipping. Porcelain can be expensive, too.  White works well with farmhouse and modern decors. 

It's Like Free Floors!
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It could not be any easier to get in on this---no coupons to clip, no loyalty cards to sign up for, just refer Enhance Floors to people you know that are making home improvements!  And there is no limit to how many Decorating Dollars you can receive.  We deeply appreciate the referrals; this is our thank you for spreading the word about your experience with Enhance Floors & More. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Look At The New Arrivals

What's New At Enhance?
 It is that time of year that almost every day we receive new styles and products.   We love getting in the new samples and seeing what the current looks and trends are.  We thought we would share some of our favorites with you.   

The trend in carpet is going more and more toward unusual, striking patterns.  And we definitely have some cool ones to choose from!  Some of our favorites are the new patterned carpets by Tuftex, the most recent being a style called Ovation.  Ovation, a mosaic tile pattern, was inspired by high-end, woven carpets that utilize multiple colors to achieve an elegant deign.  This mixture of color and pattern creates design versatility when decorating a room. Exceptionally innovative in both design and construction, Ovation is made of 100 percent Anso solution dyed yarn, making it very stain resistant.  Incredibly soft and luxurious, this style is available in twenty-four beautiful colors.  It is both pretty and practical!

One of the trends that stands out is the high gloss marble look.  A lot of people are drawn to the beauty and finish of natural marble, and now there are more options in ceramic and porcelain that give you the same marble look without the high cost and maintenance of natural stone.

Mohawk makes a gorgeous marble look porcelain tile called Apremont.  This tile is very versatile, comes in many size options, and 4 striking colors.  It also gives you the option of a high gloss as well as a matte finish.  You can install it on the wall or the floor!

Another beautiful high gloss tile is Interceramic's Vesubio.  The rich colors oft his ceramic tile are striking. Vesubio also has very unique decorative accent pieces. This is also a floor and wall tile.


Daltile has some new natural stone looks in ceramic and porcelain as well.  One favorite of ours is Exquisite.  The graceful intertwining of travertine cross-cut and vein-cut visuals and textures result in Exquisite's unique interpretation of natural stone. Exquisite's large-format floor and wall sizes and coordinating mosaic can be used to turn any space into a room filled with luxurious splendor.

A new marble look from Daltile is called Marble Falls.  The classic elegance of Marble Falls glazed ceramic tile rivals the exquisite details found in nature. Crisp graphics and wide pattern variation with delicate veining will draw the eye again and again. A glossy floor, wall and mosaic are offered in a neutral color palette in a variety of sizes.

Wood looks in tile are growing more and more popular.  Daltile offers a beautiful wood look ceramic for a great price point, called Emblem.  With classic wood grain visuals and a smooth surface, Emblem is the perfect choice for spaces that need the durability of tile without sacrificing the style and charm of a wood look.

Accent mosaics in all lines are becoming incredibly vivid and bold.  The trend of infusing your backsplash with color is a very popular look, as well as using unique glass pieces.  Urban metal looks are also in this year.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Rustic, character, bold color and reclaimed looks are all growing in popularity in wood.  Laminate can offer the same look for a fraction of the cost.  Armstrong Architectural Remnants is a beautiful line of laminates that are inspired by reclaimed hardwood floors.  If you live in an active household, or are just looking to get the hardwood look for less, the Architectural Remnants series will deliver!

Wood is one of the most popular, ever-changing styles of flooring.  Wood floors offer a variety of looks with something for everybody.  Some of the current trends in wood flooring are grey shades and wider plank widths.  Clients are also moving toward a natural, rustic look, such as wood with character like knots, mineral streaks and varying grains.  Here are a few examples of different wood floors that offer a variety of rich colors and different plank sizes.

Somerset Wide Plank Engineered Wood offers a dramatic pairing of 6 inch wide planks with rich, natural colors.  This engineered wood comes packaged in random length planks to further enhance the natural look.  Natural imperfections are not considered undesirable in this style.

The Somerset Character Collection also offers the rustic, natural look.  Knots, color variations and other things normally considered defects are purposefully left in the wood.  This gives the wood a unique look, with no plank the same as another.  It comes in both solid and engineered construction

Please visit us soon and allow us to show you these exciting new products.  We are here to help you create beautiful rooms!

It's A Good Time To

Summer is here and school is out.  Now is the time that families go out of town for extended periods of time.  While you and your family are out having fun, it's a perfect time to get some of those home improvement projects you've been planning done.  One of the biggest challenges of doing certain flooring jobs is finding the time for people to be out of their homes.  For instance, if you are remodeling your bathroom, that bathroom is out of order for the duration of the work.  Kitchens are the same way.  Here are a few projects that you can have done while you are planning to be out of your home for a week or two.

Refinishing hardwood floors/new site finished wood floors
If you have wood flooring in your home, eventually it will need to be refinished.  You will do this, in effect, to get a brand new floor; you can even change the color of the wood for a fraction of the cost of new floors.  However, this type of work takes several days and there will be times that you cannot walk on the floors that are being refinished.  This is also true for new site finished hardwoods, the kind that are sanded in your home.  In many houses, if you cannot walk on the floors, you cannot get to your bedrooms, use your kitchen, etc.  Many, many clients have this work done while they are out of town.  We are already scheduling into July, so if this is a project on your "to do list" this summer, please be making arrangements now.

Staircase makeovers and refinishing
Staircase makeovers (complete replacements) are when we remove all of your existing treads, handrails, newels, and balusters and replace them with new.  When completing a new install we will have the stair parts sanded, stained and urethane coated prior to the installation which minimizes the time you are without your staircase.  The installation of a complete staircase makeover generally takes 1-2 days.

Refinishing an existing staircase and its parts can really disrupt the schedule in your home.  Stairs cannot be used for the duration of the project, and generally people don't have an extra set of stairs laying around.  When your bedrooms are upstairs, it can be very hard to live in the home without access to the stairs.  It is ideal for people to not be using their homes at all during a staircase refinishing, and keep in mind depending on what all we are refinishing, it can take 4-5 days to complete.

Bathroom remodeling
You might could say the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, and if you only have one, giving it an overhaul will be an issue if you still plan on using it every day.  Bathroom remodels take a lot of time and planning.  You will not be able to use your bathroom for at least a week, more than likely longer.  If you're already planning on going out of town for a while, it is a perfect opportunity to completely redo your bathroom.  And just think, when you come home you'll have a brand new, beautiful bathroom!

Kitchen remodeling
Kitchens are also a very highly used and important room.  Imagine not being able to cook for two or three weeks.  If you are a family with kids, that is a huge inconvenience.  Kitchen makeovers can be a long and lengthy project, so it works out better for everyone involved if the work is scheduled during a time where you will be out of your house for a little while.
Trends in Wallpaper
Wallpaper has a way of warming up a room and creating a rich, sophisticated look.  On the flipside, there are wallpapers that completely destroy a room's visual.  For instance, if you have not replaced the large, bold floral prints of the 80's,  it is time for an upgrade.  Most people today are moving towards a more subtle look with neutral tones.  Horizontal and vertical stripes in wallpapers can make a small room appear wider, and a low ceiling room appear more open. 

When picking out a wallpaper it's important to remember less is more.  You don't want the wallpaper to be the focal point of the room, rather choose a pattern that enhances the décor that you already have.  If guests are immediately faced with gigantic flowers on the walls, that's probably all they will notice about the room.  If you are set on a pattern of some sort, there are lots of options that won't overdo it, such as simple geometric shapes.  Another point to keep in mind:  if you are planning on selecting a new floor or fabrics, it's much easier to work with  solid toned wallpaper than wild patterns and prints.

Feeling Overwhelmed?
Sorry, but we cannot help you if you are stressed out at work, but if decorating your home has you feeling anxious, we can help.  Schedule an in-home design consultation with us and an experienced Enhance Floors & More design consultant will come to your home and help you put your new look together.  Prices start at $99 for this helpful service.  And remember, consultations in our showroom are always free.  Just bring in your fabric and paint swatches, kitchen drawer (really!), take some pictures of the room(s), and spend time with a showroom design consultant for complimentary decorating assistance.